Infinix Stock Rom Firmware (All Models)

Good news for Infinix Smartphone and tablet owners is that now they can update their device with latest Infinix stock ROM firmware Flash File. For the device owners here we share updated firmware for almost all models. In this page we are sharing the Infinix Stock Rom firmware for all Infinix Android devices included Flash tool driver, Flash File and installation guide. Now you can update your device with latest Infinix Stock Rom Firmware flash file.

Note: All Infinix Stock ROM Firmware zip files include drivers, Flash tools. If you need individual Infinix USB Drivers then you can download it here (Infinix USB Drivers Download). If find any issue regarding upgrade or in Infinix Stock ROM firmware compatibility feel free to contact official team

Download Infinix Stock ROM Firmware (All Variants)

Infinix Model NumberVersionDownload Firmware
Infinix Surf Smart X350  4.1Download Firmware
Infinix Surf Smart X3512.3Download Firmware
Infinix Race X4004.0Download Firmware
Infinix Race Lite  X401 2.3.5Download Firmware
Infinix Surf Spice X403 4.2Download Firmware
Infinix Race Bolt X450 4.0Download Firmware
Infinix Race Bolt Q X451 4.2Download Firmware
Infinix Race Jet X5014.2Download Firmware
Infinix Surf Bravo X503 4.2Download Firmware
Infinix Zero 1 X5064.4, 5.0Download Firmware
Infinix Hot X507 5.0Download Firmware
Infinix Zero 2 X509 5.0Download Firmware
Infinix Zero 2 Pro LTE X509 5.0Download Firmware
Infinix Hot 2 X510 5.0, 6.0Download Firmware
Infinix Hot Note X551 5.0Download Firmware
Infinix Zero 3 X552 5.0Download Firmware
Infinix Alpha X570 4.1.2Download Firmware
Infinix Hot Note 2 X600 5.0, 6.0Download Firmware
Infinix Joypad 8 X800 4.0Download Firmware
Infinix Joypad 8s X801 4.2.1Download Firmware
Infinix Joypad 10 X1000 4.2Download Firmware