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Here you can download WhatsCall – Free Global Calls Android app (Latest Version) package file for your mobile and tablets. Save apk file in your device disc and go through install procedure. Keep in mind that here we share original apk files (without any modification or change) rolled out by the respected owners/developers for public and home use only.

Enjoy Calls that are Truly FREE!
Sick of phone bills? Say goodbye to them by using WhatsCall now. Call home and abroad with no extra charges. There are more than 1,000,000 people using it! Every user can get 2,000+ free call credits each day, that’s 30+ mins free time of calling home!!!

Unlimited FREE Call Credits
We have plenty of different offers on WhatsCall, just complete these simple offers and earn call credits to call non-WhatsCall users for FREE! You can receive up to 30 mins calling time each day easily by clicking ads, watching videos and inviting friends.

WhatsCall to WhatsCall is Credit-Free
Calling online WhatsCall user is CREDIT-FREE. Invite friends to use WhatsCall and enjoy high quality online calling with them for free using Wi-Fi. Besides, you can call any mobile/landline numbers in more than 230 countries with free calling credits.

Leave a Lively Video Message
Say goodbye to the traditional voice mail and indulge your friends with video messaging! If your friends are unable to answer your calls, you can leave a lively Video Message to let them watch what you have to say, and give a better picture on the importance of your message!!

High Quality Voice Calls
In conjunction with the world’s leading companies, powered by advanced voice coding and decoding technology, WhatsCall takes pride in the innovation and optimization of IP-PSTN call quality, allowing our users to make high quality phone and video calls at low rates.

Privacy Policy

Keep in Touch
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cmwhatscall/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhatsCall_CM
Help us with localization: https://crowdin.com/project/whatscall

13 Supported Languages
English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Danish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Slovenian, and Vietnamese.

WhatsCall – Free Global Calls What’s New v1.7.3.015:

Free Video Chat – Make 1 – on – 1 video calling with your WhatsCall friends, all for FREE.
Chat with friends face to face no matter where they are around the globe.
Our technology automatically detects and adjusts to your connection speed, which means more stable calls and higher HD video image quality.

WhatsCall - Free Global Calls v1.2.0.029 Apk fileApp Details:
Offered by :   Cheetah Mobile Cloud (NYSE:CMCM)
version : –  Updated: June14, 2017
Requires: Android 4.0 and up

WhatsCall – Free Global Calls v1.7.3.015 Apk file :    Download Apk     – Latest

v1.7.0.042 Apk file :    Download Apk
v2.0.9.035 Apk file :    Download Apk
Previous v1.4.1.037    Download Apk
Previous vv1.3.9.123  Download Apk
Previous v1.3.9.026    Download Apk
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Previous v1.2.5.031    Download Apk
Previous v1.2.5.031    Download Apk
Previous v1.2.4.015    Download Apk
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